Shellac and SNS Nails

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Shellac nails

CNC Shellac Nails

High-performance shellack nails that up to last 14 days with stunning crystal shine. You will be surprised by their zero drying time and the best thing of all is they won’t damage your nails.

  • French add on shellac
  • Shellac add on hands
  • CND Shellac add on toes
  • Shellac soak off
  • CND Shellac hands
  • Shellac toe nails

SNS Signature Nail System

SNS - Healthy Natural NailsYou will love the Signature Nail Systems difference and you’ll love what benefits this high-end product.

You will appreciate the fact that the SNS application virtually eliminates chemical odours.

SNS Gelous Colours come in more than 330 glossy finished and in several collections for seasons and special occasions.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in dipping powders and sells in North America, Europe, Australia, and South East Asia.

Vitamin E and Calcium-fortified SNS gels help keep nails naturally healthy and strong. The multi-3 step SNS Nails process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create a long-lasting nail with exceptional durability and shine. Because the application doesn’t use harsh chemicals, it eliminates the odours that are typically associated with acrylics and gels.

Applications can be customized for each client, with a wide variety of colour, glitter and dipping powder available. The most popular dip nail sets are used for the appearance of a healthy nail, and a healthy pink and white look. To get the look of a healthy nail, a light pink set powder is used on the entire nail to create a natural, healthy appearance. To get the look of a healthy pink and white nail, the use of two powders are used to create a white nail tip with a pink nail bed base, simulating the look of a French Manicure.

  • SNS Foils
  • Nail fix
  • SNS soak off
  • SNS nails and tip
  • SNS nails on natural nail
  • SNS French add ons

Our commitment to hygienic and sanitary nail services

For gorgeous manicures, hands and nails we only use professional replaceable abrasive stick-on nail files disposable and replaced for every client.


Come in and sit and relax in the comfort of our split system comfort whether it is warm or cold outside it will be the perfect temperature for you, starting with a hand soak to loosen the cuticles and soften the nails, pushing the cuticles back and making the nail bed healthy

Depending on the manicure treatment you choose to be an express or deluxe manicure with varying degrees, nail shaping and exfoliate of the hand followed my hot towel and massage.

For the finishing touch, we use OPI nail polish professionally applied followed by our nail drying facility with fan and blue light to dry and harden the nail polish for longer lasting wear. Our Nespresso coffee or T2 tea and cake will make the experience one to remember.

  • Express manicure polish
  • Manicure